About Us

Zombie Killer Coffee Company is the brainchild of both myself Christian Dubowski, and Daniel Loughlin. At our cores we love coffee and we want to tell you a bit about us.

The Company

Zombie Killer Coffee Company established in 2019 is focusing on providing you the highest quality product so that like us you can meet your wildest dreams and win every day. We know how difficult some days are especially when you haven't even had your coffee yet and even if you need your coffee to keep you going all day long whether it's the midnight oil or the five in the morning risers. We are here for you and help you win and do everything you want every single day.

Christian Dubowski

Just a little blurb about myself so our customers can trust and have confidence in who they are buying from. I am a Brazilian American, I spent a solid part of my life living in Brazil on our coffee farm doing everything you can imagine as a part of the production process, including planting, harvesting, drying, roasting, packaging and being apart of the business. Now I want to bring that product over to everyone in the USA so they can enjoy it just like I did. One of the best things about living on the farm was our course drinking the coffee and always having the energy to do everything from the early mornings to the late into the night.

Daniel Loughlin

Here's a little about myself I was born in Allentown, PA. I studied marketing management at Moravian College. I became passionate about coffee after I began learning about what it is and not just the final product. I find it interesting that coffee is one of the largest import/export products in the world. I want to bring a quality product to our customers while remaining true to my values and ethics. I want our customers to be confident not only with the product they are receiving but also who they are buying from.